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Terms and Conditions

Please thoroughly read these terms and conditions as well as the liability waiver for the It Takes a Village Puppy Academy.

Click here to initial and sign the terms and conditions form.

Click here to sign the liability waiver.

Puppies cannot enter the facility until these forms have been submitted. Forms must be submitted via
email to AND

Cancelation Policy

Owner pays in full at time of signing up for the membership. Payments are made electronically to NoCo Unleashed LLC via our website. Owner must cancel 7 days prior to their first day in order to get a full refund of payment. Cancellations and refund requests must be made to

On going membership - Please notify Mandy with City of Tails as soon as you become aware that you are unable to make a reserved day for your dog. Missed days will not be refunded, nor can they be made up at a different time. 

Membership will auto-renew unless canceled by the pet owner.  Please let City of Tails know if you intend to cancel your membership by the third week of the month you are signed up for. If you need to pause your membership for any reason, you must notify Mandy Crist, as well as send an email request to

Please arrive on time for pick up.  Owner will be charged $50 late for the first hour, then $2 a minute after that.  If the dog is not picked up in the first hour, we reserve the right to take them to Larimer Humane Society to be put on hold and for boarding.  

You must notify staff of any change in the person picking your dog up from It Takes a Village Puppy Academy.  City of Tails will only send dogs home with known owners, if there is a change in person to transport at pick-up owner will need to give: full name, phone, number and vehicle description of car that will be picking up dog prior to pick-up.

Sick Policy

In the event a pet is dropped off for a session of It Takes a Village Puppy Academy, and has symptoms or behaving sick:

  • Owner will immediately be notified to come pick up their dog as soon as possible.  

  • Sick dogs will be immediately removed from social spaces and placed in an isolation area to reduce the likelihood of outbreak of sickness.  

  • Owner will be charged the full fee for the day.  

  • Owner will need to take their dog to the vet for care or home for rest.  Sick dogs may return 3 days after being symptom free if showing any signs of upper respiratory illness.  If sickness is gastro intestinal then can return once symptoms have resolved. 

  • If the staff of It Takes a Village Puppy Academy feels that the illness needs urgent care, and the owner is not able to be reached, the dog will be transported to the nearest veterinary hospital, or the veterinarian listed in their file if close enough for reasonable transport. 


Under the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Pet Animals Care and Facilities Act we are required to make an action plan in the event a pet dies at the facility.  In the case of a medical emergency where a pet seems to have stopped breathing, we will start CPR chest compressions. The dog will be immediately transported to the nearest veterinary ER, being VCA Veterinary Emergency Hospital located at 201 W 67th Ct Loveland, CO 80538.  Owner will be notified immediately by staff at arrival time.


Please initial the following: 

________I understand that my dog will be co-mingling with other dogs during their time at It Takes a Village Puppy Academy. I also understand that there are inherent risks when dogs interact with one another, and that there is a chance that my dog could sustain small scrapes, scratches, or bruises from other dogs during play. Play groups are closely monitored to minimize such risks. 

________ I understand that my dog will be confined to a crate or an x-pen at some points during their time at It Takes a Village Puppy Academy. Crates will be appropriately sized for your dog’s comfort and safety. 

________ I agree that City of Tails has permission to transport my dog to a nearby veterinary hospital for treatment in the event that they present with an illness or injury that requires medical attention. 

________ I agree to allow City of Tails to use products not labeled for animal use during their stay at City of Tails. Examples might include: Peanut butter in enrichment items, or Benadryl as a First Aid treatment in the event of an insect bite/sting. 

Liability Waiver

I, the undersigned participant, exercising my own free choice to participate voluntarily in the It Takes a Village Puppy Academy by City of Tails at NoCo Unleashed LLC, promising to take due care during such participation, hereby acknowledge that I have been informed of the nature of activities and that I am aware of the hazards and risks which may be associated with my participation in the activities, including the risks of bodily injury or death, or damage to property which may occur from known or unknown causes. I understand, accept, and assume all such hazards and risks of injury or damage, and waive all claims against Mandy Crist, dba City of Tails and Megan Wallace, dba NoCo Unleashed LLC, and any of their staff members or interns.  I understand that I am solely responsible for any costs arising out of any bodily injury or property damage that I or my dog may sustain through my participation in normal or unusual acts associated with the services and dog training, regardless of whose fault may be the cause of my injuries or damages, EVEN IF CAUSED BY CARELESSNESS OR NEGLIGENCE, so long as the conduct which caused the injuries or damages was not grossly negligent, or willful and wanton.

Further, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Mandy Crist, dba City of Tails, Megan Wallace, dba NoCo Unleashed LLC, employees, and any other persons or entities acting on their behalf, and the successors and assigns for any and all of the aforementioned persons and entities, against any and all claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, whether presently known or unknown, of any person who suffers any injury, disability, death or other harm, to person or property or both, as a result of my participation in and/or presence at the above listed activities.

I have had sufficient time to review and seek explanation of the provisions contained above, have carefully read them, understand them fully, and agree to be bound by them. After careful deliberation, I voluntarily give my consent and agree to this Release From Responsibility, Assumption of Risk, and Waiver.


City of Tails reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time, for any reason. Cancellations will be made in writing to the client.

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