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It Takes a Village to Raise a Puppy

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Puppy Parents!

Have you been told how important socialization is, but not HOW to do it?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the different training advice online?

Are you worried about forgetting or missing foundational skills?

Puppy Raising is hard, and conflicting information makes it that much harder!

I can help!

I am excited to partner with NoCo Unleashed, LLC to bring our local community a higher level of puppy raising support for puppies 9 weeks to 12 months old!

It Takes a Village Puppy Academy

This isn't another doggie daycare; it's a high quality education program for puppies! Doggy Daycares can tire your puppy out, but more often than not they expose puppies to unwanted behavior problems and don't include training or healthy puppy socialization. Our goal is to set you and your puppy up for success by prioritizing both socialization and training at school and with you at home. Give yourself a break from puppy chaos while knowing your puppy is receiving the best care and training!

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It Takes a Village Puppy Academy will...

  • Give you a break from puppy madness during the day and your puppy will be fulfilled and tired when you take them home

  • Provide a solid foundation for core obedience 

  • Build your puppy's impulse control skills

  • Encourage proper social skills with other dogs

  • Build your puppy's confidence in a variety of situations and environments

Why Choose City of Tails?

  • I provide a structured, safe environment for your puppy and maintain a positive atmosphere free of overstimulation to strengthen your puppy's social and behavioral development. 

  • Similarly to children's preschools, I target multiple growth and development needs in a safe environment for your puppy to learn.

  • My advanced training and qualifications will ensure your puppy is being trained with the best methods.

  • My goal is to maintain a regimen and routine for puppies to combine all these needed developmental experiences in a positive atmosphere going at your puppies pace.  

  • I keep play groups small to help support the growth and learning that takes place when puppies interact in smaller groups. They have an easier time listening to each other and playing appropriately and don't learn or develop unwanted behaviors such as anxious humping, biting, or barking!

  • Play groups are monitored closely in order to quickly provide guidance and redirection when a puppy is feeling overwhelmed.  This also helps decrease potty accidents in room during, and beyond, the potty training stage. 

I can’t say Thank You enough to Mandy at City of Tails. Her knowledge of puppy’s and dogs is amazing. With group play included in the training of positive reinforcement, we found our puppy was trainable! She sent great pictures while he was there for 4 hours along with videos for us to see how she would train him. We were able to learn common verbal cues THAT WORK!! The training facilities are very clean and well lit. We always felt at ease leaving our fur baby with her. Knowing he’d come home happy and well exercised after playing with the other puppy’s. We will be recommending her to every puppy owner.

The Henderson Family

I have known Mandy for many years as a vet tech and as a co worker at another dog day care.  I was thrilled when I found out she was opening up a puppy preschool shortly after I got my puppy last spring.  I trust Mandy to supervise my puppy during playtime and when training him.  His experience at the preschool for the past 6 months has been positive and extremely helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her program.

Carol T.

Mandy was awesome with my puppy. She gave me so many resources and plenty of guidance to better understand him and help him grow and be a wonderful pup. He has had so many improvements throughout her classes and it has helped him be more confident when training at home as well. Could not recommend her more!

Remy A.

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